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Hello There Football Fans and Dog Lovers!

About Us | Dog Football Jersey
About Us | Dog Football Jersey

My name is Alisha and I developed this site just for Football Fans and Dog Lovers like you!  To be honest, I have never been much of a Football Fan until my son started playing.  I love watching my son play Football and I love watching the games with him!  It is such great family time!

Recently, we have added a new addition to our family and his name is Remy.  I have fallen in love with this sweet little puppy.  Remy is a Shitzu and Yorkie Mix and he loves watching Football with my son and I.  We love dressing Remy in a Dallas Cowboy’s Jersey on Game Day to watch with us.  It has become a family event!

My son’s favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys and I really love them too!  If you by any chance are reading this Dak Prescott, you are my fav!

We have found the best Jerseys for your Beloved Dog (family member)!  So, now, it is up to you to pick your favorite Team Football Jersey for your precious baby!

Enjoy shopping!  We also love hearing from you!  We would love to see pictures of your pet in his/her Jersey and with your permission, we will post them on our site!

You are welcome here anytime at DogFootballJersey.com!

Lots of love!

Dog Football Jersey
Dog Football Jersey