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Arizona Cardinals Jerseys for Humans

yes, this site is DogFootballJersey.com so it is designed especially for Dogs.

Dogs everywhere, listen up!  This is your chance to buy something for your humans.  Don’t you want your human to be in full Team Spirit on Game Day?  It is all up to you!  Besides, this could lead to more treats for YOU… think about it!

And, a big bonus is that you can get a jersey for yourself AND a jersey for your human.  (I know you love matching your special human.)  Doggies, don’t forget to sneak something extra in there for yourself.

There are many options to choose from but below are our Top Picks!

Arizona Cardinals Jerseys for Humans Info

Human Jersey Team Arizona Cardinals
Human Jersey Features All Arizona Cardinals Jerseys are of high quality.
Human Jersey Material Available in a variety of comfy materials.
Human Jersey Uses Dress up your human for hosting a party, watching a game or give as a gift!
Human Jersey Sizing Available in a variety of sizes
Price Prices Vary


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Arizona Cardinals Fun Facts

FUN FACT:       The Arizona Cardinals are the oldest continually run professional Football Team in the U.S.!

Team Name:    Arizona Cardinals

Team Est:         1898

Team City:       Based in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area

Team Coach:  Bruce Arians since 1/17/2013


Arizona Cardinals Dog Jersey

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