How To Clean Your Dog Football Jersey | DOG FOOTBALL JERSEY

It is very important for you to know how to clean your new Dog Football Jersey.

Your new Dog Football Jersey will look great on your beloved Man’s Best Friend if you follow some simple washing and care instructions.

Denver Broncos

Each Dog Football Jersey is made of very high-quality material.  Your Dog Football Jersey is made of breathable poly-mesh and satin.  This will provide maximum comfort , durability and style for your Dog.  It is important for your Dog to be stylish and comfy too!!

We suggest that each time you wash your Dog Football Jersey, you do these few simple things:

  1.  Machine Wash on Cold and on the Delicate Cycle (this will prevent the numbers, emblem or any of the Dog Football Jersey material from fading.)
  2. Line Dry and Do Not Put In The Dryer!  (Heat can fade the print on the jersey)
  3. Absolutely Do Not Iron!  This could damage the numbers on your jersey.  Your Dog Football Jersey will look fine if you lay it flat to dry and won’t need ironing anyway.

If you have any questions or comments, please post them below.  I will respond promptly!  It is our mission to make sure that your precious pet looks AWESOME on Game Day!








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